Penelope by Sarah Thomasin


Waiting for her man
She knows
Someday her prince will come.
But while she waits,
She practices her craft
Blending the colours
Squinting at fine work
To please the guys
Who hang around
And pester her for dates
She smiles and flirts
But makes excuses
“I’m not finished yet
Just let me put my face on
Come back later.”

All day
Her hands are working
A lipstick touch-up
More powder for the shine
Her masterpiece is never quite complete
Because he hasn’t come yet.
And she’s waiting.

And so,
Each evening
She sits before the mirror
With sponge and lotion
Unpicking the day’s work
Before she climbs into their double bed
And sleeps alone.


Sarah Thomasin is a performance poet living in Sheffield. As well as saying poems out loud at every opportunity, she has had poems published in Now Then magazine, and in two English Pen collections, the Pankhearst anthology Slim Volume: No Love Lost, The Sheffield Anthology (poems from the city imagined) and Poems For the Queer Revolution. She was also commissioned to create a limerick quiz about gender which appears in Kate Bornstein’s My New Gender Workbook.

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