Once Upon a Winter’s Tale by Stella Wulf

Once Upon A Winter’s Tale

a cold wind rattled through the litter of the dead,
snow bees swarmed in a swirling cloud – the Queen
smothered the world in a bone white shroud.

Paths became slippers of glass and beauty slept
in a feather soft bed as deep as the sea,
for a hundred years it’s said, if it weren’t for the pea

which prodded and nosed through its berth
pushed past the roses sunk beneath the earth
to breach the crust in drops as white as snow.

Such perfection should have melted our hearts
but we are a thousand leagues apart
frozen forever in a puzzle of ice.

It seems only love can rid our eyes of splinters,
disgorge the poison from our throats,
kiss the dormant beauty back to life.

Love can turn Winter’s curse to a magic spell
an incantation for a different chapter,
put a twist in the end of the tragic tale

and we’ll all live happily ever after.


Stella Wulf lives in South West France. Her work has appeared in The Screech Owl, Prolebooks, The Stare’s Nest and Message in a Bottle. In 2012 she won third place in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly poetry competition. She is currently studying towards an MA in Creative Writing with Lancaster University. She is also an artist and her work can be seen on her website http://www.stellawulf.com

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