Charming by Claire Walker


Imagine her surprise if one day she looks
at her feet and finds only one heel.
Observed when water seeps
through from murky pavements.

The volume of her heart will rise:
He will save her. Any moment now.
Arrive to free her from dirty laundry.
She’s running
an errand this morning:
‘Oi, get some cigarettes’.

When she notices how long she’s been standing
pavement – bound in the rain at the One Stop,
she’ll realise the sting:
the missing shoe is not made of glass
and her mirror hangs mute on fairness.


Claire Walker‘s poetry has appeared in various print and online magazines including The Interpreter’s House, Ink Sweat and Tears, And Other Poems, Snakeskin and Kumquat Poetry. In June 2014 she was runner up in the 2014/2015 Worcestershire Poet Laureate Competition.

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