Llyn Y Fan Fach by Ron Savory

Llyn Y Fan Fach

Beyond the blue bridge
With every breath
Seamless nature sows
The windows dream
Beneath the silk of waters ledge
Pebbles dash slows to a crawl
Anima full the force majeure
Calls out to
The lost and blind
In ivory tower lines
Chasing indifference


Reflecting his eclectic passion for people watching and the beauty that surrounds them, Cross Hands “Tin Plate Poet” songwriter /poet Ron Savory spends his days fishing. Perched upon Bica’s Tooth, amid the silent battle weary cliffs of Llangrannog, he hooks inspiration from the crane skin bag of Manannan. Weaving the glint of universal truths into songs and poems (in time honoured Celtic folk / acoustic blues tradition) he journeys wherever the wind takes him.

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