Fairy tales by Carol Eades

Fairy tales

I was Cinderella,
and the ugly duckling.
Dressed in rags, looking for a home.
Rapunzel in her tower,
isolated and forlorn.
I’ve been Vasila the wise,
trying to sort through seeds.
I’ve been the skeleton woman,
waiting to have my flesh returned with tears.
I’ve lived with Bluebeard,
tried to live within his rules.
I’ve been the little match girl,
sustained on dreams.
I’ve journeyed far distant lands,
questing for the truth.
Fighting monsters, helping lost creatures,
riddling with dragons, saving maidens.
I’ve been the child and the wolf,
the witch and the innkeeper.
I’ve flown on a winged horse.
Nibbled the ropes of a bound lion.
Swum with seals.
Lost my skin to a thief while I danced.
I’ve been all these things.
and I’m still not sure what I am.


Carol Eades is ‘a brief elaboration of a tube’ currently residing in Sheffield and attempting to be a Buddhist.

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