A Flickering Light by Nadia Gerassimenko

A flickering light

Through a frightful forest I walked
Where branches left marks,
Crows wounded hearts,
Path led to doom.

Obscurity hid away my fate
And shot dark creatures my way.
No longer I felt the courage to go on.

A flickering light emerged
And chased the darkness away.
It grasped my hand and led the way
And told me to be brave.
To be brave.
To be brave.

“Life is never a simple duty.
You must see ugliness before beauty.
Never underestimate your strength.
And never fear of your road’s length.
Keep hope and faith near as you move,
For they will make your journey smooth.
And forget not that I’m beside you.
Your hand in mine, we’ll make it through.”


(from the author’s collection Moonchild Dreams)

Nadia Gerassimenko has been writing poetry since she was 14 years old. Only at 25 did she dare to self-publish her first collection of poems called Moonchild Dreams. Her poetry chapbook compiles poems from the period 2004 to 2015 about hope and wonderment, loss and sorrow, love and imitation, and enlightenment and wisdom. Nadia currently lives in New Jersey with her beloved husband and Sheldon, their sweet ragdoll.

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