The Princess in her Fancy Dress by Françoise Blanchard

The Princess in her Fancy Dress

The princess in her fancy dress
Lies dormant. Or dead?
Her sleep, a dreamless one –

The tripping steps of a lost troll stop.
She stirs.
He sees her smile in her ceaseless slumber.

The hint of her breath
Bestows boldness
On our burglar
Who steals the kiss
Meant for a prince.

At the cusp of her lips,
Hope. Lost.


A French woman living in Seoul, South Korea, Françoise Blanchard is currently working on a follow-up to her first two books, Say Chic and Foodie French ( Poetry, she recently discovered, is a wonderful tool with the power to create magic using just words. The few poems she has published online (in French) are available under Creative Common license: Words and ideas are not meant to be locked away in books that are never opened.

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  1. […] Dans un autre style, le cours de l’inénarrable Douglas Kearney (Sharpened Visions : A Poetry Workshop) a pour ambition de vous permettre d’améliorer votre prose pour produire de meilleurs poèmes. Un enseignement très pratique donc, mais surtout très efficace, qui repose énormément sur les retours des pairs. Je crois bien n’avoir jamais pondu autant de textes que durant cette session. D’ailleurs, deux modestes contributions issues de ce MOOC ont été publiées sur le journal en ligne Three Drops from a Cauldron (The Boy in the Poem, The Princess in her Fancy Dress). […]


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