Moon on the Water by Liz Ferrets

Moon on the Water

And I’m walking through the city
Quiet night time in the city
Sparkly dark time in the city
And the full moon falls
through a broken window
and lands on the water
Throwing shadows on the back beat
like the whisper on the street
wisely shading crystal mysteries
Herstories and histories
And in a silent solstice mist
Where bats and cats are sleeping
I had a dream
Where 5 stars point
to 5 point stars
that fall before me
make a pentagramic path that
shines like tarnished silver
Leads me on
Through the city
Crazy shady lazy city
Concealing secret places
occult enchanted spaces
Circle of the Stones
And no one knows that
hidden in plain sight
it fits within the shifting shadows
of the city
The pretty city
The frailty of the veil
is seen
It’s lifting
Silver tessellating pentagrams shine
and time slides
The crow flies
The crones chant
The maidens dance
And the mother sits among the stones
Knits among the stones
And there is righteous anger in her bones
as she is weaving hopes and fears
Children’s tears
Too many years of bleeding
in the city
The scarred and tired city
And a smack rat stumbles down
another blind alley
in the valley of lost direction
as she casts the spells that she has stolen
from the jaws of extinction
On the brink of destruction
she is reconstructing reason
at the changing of the season
And listen …
There is a rumble in the thunder
There is a storm in the teacup
There is a riot in the city
The brave relentless city
And there is a revolution in the land
Shifting sand
And the earthquake
Shakes us awake


Liz Ferrets hangs out of Sheffield with her four stinky thieving mice killing familiars. New to the poetry circuit, she performs her (as yet) unpublished works anywhere that will give her air time – enraged and frustrated by social injustice and crimes against humanity she finds plenty to write about and is truly a Troubadour for the Revolution.

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