The Wanweird by Kath Whitehead

The Wanweird

In the still and windy forest
On a straight and winding path,
The Wanweird takes its time
As it rushes past.

The Wanweird is attractive
In an ugly sort of way,
And he always stays inside
When he goes out to play.

His furry coat is very thick
Which helps to keep him cool,
He’s always very helpful
But is as stubborn as a mule.

Wanweird likes to be alone
Especially in a crowd,
His roar is very quiet
And he whispers very loud.

You will often hear him crying
With tears of joy and laughter,
He always goes before you,
But always gets there after.

The Wanweird is a creature
Who is bad when he is good.
He simply doesn’t understand
Why he’s so misunderstood!

Kath Whitehead writes poetry for both children and adult audiences, bringing to life the everyday in comic verse but never shying away from more emotive, heartbreaking subjects. She recently starred on The Poetry Show on Sheffield Live TV performing as Guest poet at Chesterfield ‘SpireWrites.’ Her train driver husband often bears the brunt of her wit, but we expect it won’t be long before we read about her new role as a first time Nan!

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