Fed up to the back teeth by Kath Whitehead

Fed up to the back teeth

My teeth are feeling wobbly,
I can roll them with my tongue,
Some are hanging by a thread
And kind of bungee jump along.

Even teeth get pushed around
By the new ones underneath,
They push and shove the old ones out –
I call these bully teeth!

Losing teeth is not all bad
You can make some easy money,
The going rate’s a pound a time
insurance for being gummy.

Place the tooth under your pillow
And the fairies, if they are willing
Will flutter down and check it out,
You’ll get less though for a filling.

Mum says they only choose the whitest
They recycle them and make
Pearly necklaces of the brightest…
Mum. Give me a break!

Following this sound advice
I placed my tooth quite hasty
Underneath my pillowcase
And hoped for something tasty.

Next morning I woke up to see
A dainty fairy letter,
They were very sorry for my loss
And hoped I felt much better.

They went on further to explain
And I found this rather strange,
They didn’t have a pound this time –
Would I accept loose change!

Kath Whitehead writes poetry for both children and adult audiences, bringing to life the everyday in comic verse but never shying away from more emotive, heartbreaking subjects. She recently starred on The Poetry Show on Sheffield Live TV performing as Guest poet at Chesterfield SpireWrites. Her Train Driver husband often bears the brunt of her wit but we expect it won’t be long before we read about her new role as a first time Nan!

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