Two Moons by Michelle Watters

Two Moons

There are two moons
and two suns
each of which I can only see one

There are two selves
divided within
one eats the other
so it can win

There are three wishes I’ve yet to use
one is love
two, is understanding
three is power

You see the second moon
and the second sun
the deities under each one

I watch you morph into a beast
instead of killing you I give you a leash
I take you for walks
when the moon is full

Feed you raw meat so you don’t cause trouble
when you awaken with the sun
you will thank me with licks
and my job will be done


Michelle Watters poetry has appeared in The Lake, Vending Machine Press, Black Heart Magazine, Red Paint Hill, Bop Dead City and elsewhere. She is an assistant poetry editor for Mud Season Review. Michelle lives in Shelburne, Vermont with her husband,daughter and two dogs.

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