Reliquary Apple by Michèle Brenton

Reliquary Apple

It’s all my fault.
That’s what they say,
have been saying for as long as the myths of man
trickled into the ears
of those who found it

The temptress leading all to sin
with her lack of control
and sensuous ways
slinking about
like a snake.

It’s rubbish of course.
The truth I know
is something strained through
muslin gauze,
to make you sick
if you swallow
much of it.

I am the keeper of the hearth,
I am the maker of new life,
I am the warrior who defends,
I am the home at journey’s end.

Gild me however you may choose
deny my core
and we all lose.

Michele Brenton was born exactly 47 years after Dylan Thomas within a few hundred feet of the exact spot he was born. As @banana_the_poet she was voted the most popular human poet by the Twitter community in the Shorty Awards 2011. She writes poetry and is delighted, surprised and honoured each time her work is included in a publication. It happened first in 2001.

Michele Brenton’s Amazon Author Page

Michèle Brenton’s Poetry Page on Facebook


  1. I enjoyed this so much Michele and glad you found it to share with us. I love the unconscious rhyming in the last stanza. It is a strong poem and yet it is very delicate. Beautiful images.


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