Persephone by Jane Frank


Half a life is better than none,
though sometimes when I wander
through the fields of Asphodel
I imagine what having it all
would be like.
Love and light?
When I returned
to this sunless world,
felt leaves crunch
under my feet,
I was almost glad.
The Fates weave as they will.
Four pomegranate seeds
and any chance of eternal spring
gone long ago
along with hope.
So forget me as I was
when we danced
in fields of flowers.
I am a dark Queen now.
I produce and destroy.
I curse the souls of the dead.
It is good enough.

Jane Frank’s work has recently been published in Australian Poetry Journal and the Bimblebox Art Project in Australia, as well as Skylark Review and Southlight magazine in the UK. Jane teaches a range of writing disciplines at Griffith University in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. She has just completed a PhD examining the rise of the global Book Town Movement.

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