Rhiannon by Catherine Blackfeather


All I see are my feet, as I slip and stumble on the mud-caked cobbles. My burden is heavy. I never look up. The hem of my queenly robe is soaked and heavy with mud. I don’t try to lift it up. I deserve to be here, a beast of burden. I, who once stepped through the mists between worlds, reining my King into myself, leading him by the rope of my own majesty.
To do my bidding.
The ground shifts under me and all is changed. How did I give myself away so easily? Taken and possessed, I am broken. My swift feet no longer fly effortlessly ahead of all who would have me, I am yoked to earth, and mud, and mocking laughter.
I killed my own gift that I birthed from out of myself. I taste the blood of my spirit-child on my lips. I am cursed.

But I will hunt for my stolen child. I will track him down. And when I face the afanc that snatched him from me, in a spell of drowsy unawareness, I will face it. I will stare into its eyes, and see myself looking back. And the chains will drop away. And I will fly free.


Catherine Blackfeather was born in Canada but grew up in England.  She is a dancer, live storyteller and poet. With degrees in Theology and Welsh, folklorist Catherine Blackfeather shares folk-tales from around the world and writes her own new folk tales for 21st century audiences. She performs in her local community and as Dubhna Rhiadra in the virtual world, Second Life. She set up Storywrights for creative writing and storytelling workshops and regularly led multi-media performances of stories as part of a women’s performing Arts Festival in West Wales. Her book The Darkling Child and Other Stories will be released by Three Drops Press in September. Visit her online here: cathblackfeather.blogspot.co.uk

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