Guinevere by Catherine Blackfeather


I went and found a magic sword
And cast it in the water.
A Lady rose and came to me,
She sang and called me daughter.
I walk the world and still I feel
Her hand upon my brow.
The gift she gave of truthful speech
Is with me ever now.

I found a King on wounded bed,
His pain a blight upon his Land.
They took his blood and poured it out
A piercing lance in their fair hands.
They ringed him round and held him there
And praised his hoary crownéd head.
But shadows walked in his fair realm
Because his soul was dead.

I placed him on a floating craft.
It floated on the mere.
The darkest depths his line did plumb,
His hand trembling with fear.
But piece by piece his armour rose,
Fished from the glimmering waves.
Washed in tears, they made him whole,
And man and realm were saved.

Two loves I had, they loved me truly,
Both lay upon my breast.
Their flesh was made of this green land,
Golden East and dark-haired West.
They fought their foes with strength and wit,
But called each other friend.
My curly, deep-eyed mountain man,
And corn boy from the glen.

I walk a path with my darkling child,
With eyes so fae and strange.
But I see a star upon his brow,
He never will be tame.
And as he walks he leaves a trail
Of singing tones and words,
Of growing shoots and hovering bees
And winging flight of bird.

Catherine Blackfeather was born in Canada but grew up in England.  She is a dancer, live storyteller and poet. With degrees in Theology and Welsh, folklorist Catherine Blackfeather shares folk-tales from around the world and writes her own new folk tales for 21st century audiences. She performs in her local community and as Dubhna Rhiadra in the virtual world, Second Life. She set up Storywrights for creative writing and storytelling workshops and regularly led multi-media performances of stories as part of a women’s performing Arts Festival in West Wales. Her book The Darkling Child and Other Stories will be released by Three Drops Press in September. Visit her online here:


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