Typed in Water by Ellie Danak

Typed in Water

A cradle and a head stained with holy water.
We come to this world in a black veil of water.

It is the lower half of everything but not for the hanged man.
For the corrupt – a silver vial of fairy tale water.

Fetch it at twilight from a washed-out bridge.
A cure for a bairn’s flickering flame – unspoken water.

Trees fall out of symmetry with the surface of the sea.
Wishes unsaid are hopes unpaid for with weak water.

It is a cardiogram of your fears scratched on a window glass.
You lure your love from a long distance purr – rain water.

I return with a curse. I write then erase your name.
I spread the decay of water.

Ellie Danak is an Edinburgh based poet with a background in researching Swedish crime novels. Her poems have been published in a wide variety of anthologies and magazines. She is on the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Awards 2016 shortlist.

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