Old Perfume by Jade Kennedy

Old Perfume

My angel wears old shoes with thin laces that she ties loosely and a long skirt patched with multi-coloured fabric, rich in cotton. She has long curly hair and a hidden face. Draped in scarves and long sleeves, she is unashamedly and proudly gypsy as songs linger around her like old perfume.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, she watched me play games of reality and dreams. Like a game of chess, I dabbled in visions of black and white messages and spoke to the ghosts that still longed to be heard.

I decided she was real and watched her fasten her shoes, all the while fading in and out of life. I waved at her and as she waved back, she swore to me this was not my last day.

Jade Kennedy is a writer of poetry, prose, flash fiction and a collector of borrowed expressions. Her latest collection of poetry and flash fiction Alchemy is available from Amazon & Kobo etc. Her poetry has been included in various zines and she is now looking to find more homes for her flash fiction and prose. She writes a blog – ‘Borrowed Expressions’ at www.jadekennedywriter.blogspot.co.uk.

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