Not Good Enough for Heaven, Not Evil Enough for Hell by K.V. Skene

Not Good Enough for Heaven, Not Evil Enough for Hell

while their glamour …
+++Can make a ladye seem a knight,
+++A nutshell seem a gilded barge
+++A sheeling seem a palace large
+++And youth seem age and age seem youth …

and the hidden children of Eve
live in the ripple of sunlight on grass, in
branches of trees, under
ancient earthworks, hollow hills,
forts and barrows
and on Lammas Tide and Hollantide
they parade a cats-cradle of paths
criss-crossing the countryside

throughout the crepuscular hours –
small bits of consciousness, spirits, shadows
shaped by tomfoolery and terror
etch what’s soon to be …
+++moonlight and mystery did this
+++moonlight and music
+++laughter and tears

still unclear
still cold and cruel and bloodyminded
still here

and someday we’ll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.

Quotes by Reginald Scott
C. S. Lewis

K.V. Skene’s work has appeared in Canadian, U.K., U.S., Irish, Indian, Australian and Austrian magazines, most recently in Crossing Borders, (Canada), Acumen, REAL (USA) Obsessed with Pipework, Envoi and  Orbis  Her latest chapbook,Under Aristotle Bridge, was published this year by Finishing Line Press (USA).

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