Creusa to Aeneas by Jennifer A. McGowan

Creusa to Aeneas

My name is a bite and a hiss
in your ear. I walk with you
pace for pace, even when I
disappear. Through all your travels,
I follow. I whisper fire in
Dido’s ear, am the arms she
dies in. You may come to us
in the underworld, crush our Adonis-flowers
with your heavy feet, but we will
not respond. Why should we? You inspired
love, not loyalty; you are not
that much of a god. Hand in hand
she and I walk together,
shroud flickering to flame-red shroud.

Despite being certified as disabled at age 16, Jennifer A. McGowan has published poetry and prose prolifically on both sides of the Atlantic, including in The Rialto and Pank.  She has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and been highly commended in many competitions.  Jennifer’s chapbooks are available from Finishing Line Press; her first collection, The Weight of Coming Home,  is from Indigo Dreams Publishing. Her website is

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  1. Wonderful. I’ve been thinking about Aeneas a lot (possibly because of Mary Beard’s programmes? and Adam Nicolson on Homer), and this speaks powerfully to me. Thank you!


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