Three Drops from a Cauldron: Midwinter 2016

The nights are at their darkest in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days are short and cold. Grab a cup of tea (or mulled wine, or something stronger) and stay warm with our Midwinter 2016 special.

Featuring poetry and flash fiction of cold-weather tales by Margaret Holbrook, Linda Goulden, Kato McMahon, Devon Balwit, Jane Dougherty, Janet Philo, Gaia Holmes, Mary Franklin, Nico Solheim-Davidson, Alice Godwin, Samuel Kendall, Jane R Rogers, Seth Crook, Rollo Nye, Jane Røken, Alison Stone, Dennis Trujillo, Rona Fitzgerald, Sandra Unerman, Deirdre Hines, Eleni Cay, Nina Lewis, Ashley Bullen-Cutting, Pete Green, Jesse Weiner, Kurt Newton, Steve Toase, Alyson Faye, Al McClimens, Maggie Mackay, Marc Woodward, and Sarah Doyle.

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…or buy a paperback copy via Lulu here:

Thanks for reading!


  1. thank you for including my Krampus flash piece in this- looks great- I’ve reblogged it on my own blog and facebook. Merry Xmas Alyson Faye


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