Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue 24

Welcome to our November issue of Three Drops from a Cauldron, where you’ll find our usual selection of weird and wonderful, magical and mystical prose, poetry, and art. This quarter we seem to be full of waters and shadows as the year continues to darken and wane.

(Speaking of which, our Midwinter 2018 special is still open for submissions until 6th December 2018 (23:59 your time zone). It will be online only, and will be our last seasonable special for the foreseeable future (possibly forever, but I don’t like those kinds of absolutes). If you have wintry work dealing in myths, folklore, fairytales, and the like, do send it our way. The guidelines are here.)

But without further babbling – Issue 24 contains art, fiction, and poetry by the following brilliant creators:

James Flowerdew, Andrea Small, Kevin Reid, Cybele Moon, Romola Parish, Charley Reay, Meg Gripton-Cooper, Wendy Holborow, Zoe Mitchell, Chip Jett, Kathy Gee, Katherine Heigh, Jane Salmons, M.D. Wheatley, Louise Taylor, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Kitty Coles, Michelle Ann King, Wren Tuatha, Claire Loader, Zoë Siobhan Howarth-Lowe, Marissa Glover, Ed Ahern, Sharon Phillips, Jean Taylor, Simon Perchik, Nigel King, Lorraine Carey, Phil Wood, Yuan Changming, Chella Courington, Jenne Kaivo, Amy Alexander, Kathleen Strafford, Chloe Smith, Thomas Tyrrell, Catherine Fahey, Annest Gwilym, Amy Louise Wyatt, and Danielle Matthews.

Happy reading! (And we’ll see you again around the 20th of next month for our Midwinter special.)

(If anyone has a visual impairment and/or cannot adjust the settings on Issuu from your device, please email Kate at, and I will be happy to send you a PDF.)

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