FAQ for Writers

I find myself answering the same questions over and over again, which is fair enough – they’re good questions. So I thought it would be useful to answer those questions here.

Q: Do you pay writers?

A: Sort of. The web journal is free to read online, so no payment is made for web journal publication because no revenue is generated. Seasonal specials and anthologies offer a portion of the profits made from any sales, every 6 months, as long as each writer would receive at least £1/$1/€1. We are not funded by ACE or any other outside source; any money brought into the press right now is from book sales alone.

Q: Okay. How are payments made?

A: Via PayPal or BACS. Or if I am likely to see you in person (Sheffield), cash (or a pint of ale if that’s your preferred currency – it has been known).

Q: Do you provide contributor copies?

A: No. The short answer is: I am already paying people a portion of the profits, and it is more cost-efficient and fair to everyone than providing contributor copies. Three Drops is well-loved, and I appreciate that, but in terms of profits we are still very small and earning very little, and the press does not make enough money to send everyone a book.

Q: Do you own the rights to my work after it’s been in one of your anthologies, or your web journal?

A: No way. That would be wildly unfair, especially since I’m not offering you huge amounts of money for your work. We only want one-time rights: as soon as I’ve published your poem or story, the rights go back to you. You wrote it, you own it. Of course, a credit to Three Drops from a Cauldron / Three Drops Press would be cool if we were the first ones to publish the piece.

Q: Are you taking unsolicited submissions of chapbooks/pamphlets/collections/prose manuscripts?

A: Not right now, sorry, and not for the foreseeable future – I am still trying to catch up with the ones I accepted in 2015/16.