Amethyst by Sarah Miller


fire haired
wise woman
witch layered
mist throated
moss coated
body a mulch
of wet pine,
dragon’s blood
and good motives.
Drums a primal rhythm
jingles a silver bell
draws cauldrons of old magick
from a deep chalice well
her words curl
like sweet smoke
from a burning incense stick
using herbs and affirmations
to honour life and heal the sick
circle dancer, truth seeker
crow lady, neighbour freaker,
tarot caster, future peaker
down to earth, plain speaker
A crone who’s watched the wheel turn
who doesn’t miss a chance
to follow the path,
embrace the craft
and dance the spiral dance.

Sarah Miller is a poet, playwright and theatre deviser living in Salford. Selkie Singing At The Passing Place, her joint poetry collection with Melanie Rees, was recently published by Flapjack Press.

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