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Our reviews are currently on hiatus, while Kate catches up with publishing our Three Drops Press books (after being unwell for much of 2016). Please do not send any queries or books to review until further notice. Thank you!

At Three Drops from a Cauldron, we don’t just have a passion for publishing the writing submitted to us, we also love reviews of poetry collections, pamphlets and chapbooks, as well as selected non-fiction resources, relating to folklore, myth, legends, fables, and fairytales, and/or interviews with authors who write work as above.

If you’ve written such a book, or would otherwise like to recommend one to our mystical, magical team of reviewers, please send a query with any links and a blurb/synopsis to Alternatively, if you have written a review of your own, or interviewed an author, and would like the review/interview to be published on Three Drops from a Cauldron, send your query to

Our Dedicated Reviews Team

Steve Nash

Dr Steve Nash is a writer, lecturer, and dreadful musician.  His first collection, Taking the Long Way Home (Stairwell Books) was described as “The work of a rare artist with a fire in his head” by One & Other Magazine, and he is a winner of the Saboteur Award for Best Spoken Word Performer.

Steve’s next book, The Calder Valley Codex, a narrative poetic sequence taking inspiration from the folklore of the Calder Valley, will be released later this year, and you can find his website over here:

Steve strongly suspects his guinea pigs are plotting against him.

Caroline Hardaker

Caroline Hardaker is a poet, artist, and amateur cryptozoologist who lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne with her husband, a forest of houseplants, a betta fish and a couple of snails with attitude. She loves a philosophical debate and to retreat into a bit of surrealism (the darker the better). Her poetry and wordsmithery has appeared in print and online around the world, including Neon Magazine, Pankhearst, and the Three Drops specials. You can explore her words at, and her artwork at

J.S. Watts

J.S.Watts is a UK writer. Her poetry, short stories and reviews appear in publications in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the States and have been broadcast on BBC and Independent Radio. She has published five books: two poetry collections, Cats and Other Myths and Years Ago You Coloured Me, plus a multi-award nominated SF poetry pamphlet, Songs of Steelyard Sue, all published by Lapwing Publications, and two novels, A Darker Moon – dark literary fantasy, and Witchlight – paranormal romance, published in the US and UK by Vagabondage Press. See for further details.

Diana Sanchez

Diana Sanchez is a Guatemalan-American writer, archaeologist, crafter, tea advocate, and cat mother living in California. She has obtained her BSc in Archaeology from Cardiff University and an AA in Anthropology from Bakersfield College.  She has traveled to many countries, notably Canada, Brazil, England, Ireland, and Scotland, but Wales stole her heart.

Diana has been an active member of Scribophile for over two years, and has critiqued every genre, though she particularly enjoys fantasy and historical fiction, but she is also well versed in non-fiction, especially history and natural science. She’s a huge Shakespeare nerd; though she’s not an expert in poetry or drama, she enjoys them nonetheless.

Diana has been studying paganism since 1997, and is fascinated by culture, religion, and folklore. She herself is a Brythonic Polytheist with a strong emphasis on Welsh and Gaulish cultures. She believes the best things in life are books, tea, and thunderstorms.

Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Helen Vivienne Fletcher’s poetry has appeared in online and print publications. She has recently turned her hand to writing for the stage with her first play How to Catch a Grim Reaper, for which she was named Outstanding New Playwright at the Wellington Theatre Awards in 2015. Helen is also the author of several e-picture books for children, and is a previous recipient of the WCBA New Pacific Studios residency. Helen lives in Wellington, New Zealand where she teaches afterschool creative writing classes for children, and classes for adults in a range of subjects including arm-knitting and gluten-free baking.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson is a teacher, a black cat mama, a recovering music snob and an old soul. She’s currently studying postmodern ecocriticism and for fun, interprets various folklore through this lens.  She resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband Dave and 2 cats (Miles Edgar and Emilia) but will forever call the barren shores of Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, home.  Her latest poetry, short stories and acoustic songs can currently be found crumpled at the bottom of her desk drawer.

Sarah Playford


Sarah Playford is a bibliophile who swallows books without stopping to chew. She’ll read any book, but particularly enjoys the flavours of fantasy and folklore. Happily, the MA in Literary Linguistics did not affect her ability to enjoy novels; merely allowed her to expand her palette and understanding of the function of language within them. This also comes in handy when she has to go to work as an ESL teacher. She lives in Devon with her husband-to-be and a cat who is destined to become a tiger.

Penny Montague

Penny Montague is a writer from London, UK. She recently completed an MA in Literary Linguistics, which was basically an excuse to indulge in her love of literature for a year. She is a co-founder of Noumena Press, a publishing startup, has worked as a first reader for Ink Pantry and as a reading group facilitator.

Growing up in a Jamaican family has given her a love of storytelling and poetic language. She has travelled to Egypt, Gambia and Senegal, Japan, Jamaica, USA and several countries in Western Europe. Her interest in a variety of cultures inspires her to study their mythology and folklore. She tweets at @pjmontague.

Andrea Touhig

Andrea Touhig is a poet and writer from South Wales. She has written in a number of anthologies, although her interests tend to lie mainly in the supernatural. She also shares a passion for magick, myth, folklore, legend, science fiction and horror. Whilst also writing for various webzines, online groups and the Book Poet, she works part time in a museum as a site assistant. Other interests include Archaeology, and Roman History.



  1. Dear Kate,

    I wondered if you might consider consider reviewing my first collection ‘In The Cinema’
    published by Playdead Press November 2014.
    Best wishes

    Stephen Bone


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