Our Special Thanks – Supporters of Three Drops Press

Three Drops Press thanks the following people for their support of our 2016 Book and Pamphlet Publishing crowdfunder project:

Alex Carr-Malcolm, John Alwyine-Mosely, Neil Fulwood, Susan Castillo Street, Jackie Biggs, Dr Fiona Russell Dodwell, Rachel Nix, Steve Nash, Rona Fitzgerald, Carole Bromley, Mary Gilonne, Julie Pryke, Sarah L Dixon, Wendy Pratt, Colin Wood, Joanne Key, Mary Franklin, David J. Costello, Emma Simon, Kim Ross, Sheila Templeton, Rachel Bower, Matthew Laing, Rachael Clyne, Sarah Miller, Catherine Blackfeather

With very special thanks to:

Stephen Daniels, Meg Kingston, Louis Cennamo, Michèle Brenton

The project is open for pledges until the end of January 2016. If you give even £1, your name will appear here too! There are many rewards, from badges and stickers, to your own dedication in a seasonal paperback, and a cast iron cauldron full of goodies – pledge here if you can, and support our press.