Kate Garrett
Managing / Founding Editor

Kate writes poetry, short fiction and non-fiction, and is an editor, amateur folklorist, history and horror buff (sometimes simultaneously), and aspiring pirate. Her work is published here and there, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her poetry pamphlet The Density of Salt was released in February 2016 from Indigo Dreams Publishing, and was longlisted for a Saboteur Award. Her tiny chapbook of historical pirate poems (with a predominantly queer and/or feminist slant), Deadly, Delicate was released in December 2016, and a second Indigo Dreams pamphlet, You’ve never seen a doomsday like it, will follow in 2017.

She founded Three Drops from a Cauldron / Three Drops Press in January 2015, and Picaroon Poetry, the journal for rogue poetry, in March 2016.

She lives in Sheffield, England, with her husband, a cat named Mimi, three teenaged/tweenaged trolls who call her “Mum”, and a baby daughter (who will call her “Mum” eventually).

If you feel you need to know more, visit

Amy Kinsman
Associate Editor

Amy is a poet and a playwright, currently working towards her MA at the University of Sheffield. She lives in Sheffield with two other arty folk as housemates, which means no cleaning of any description gets done. Her work has previously appeared in Three Drops from a Cauldron’s Samhain and Midwinter Specials, as well as in Slim Volume: This Body I Live In, Slim Volume: See Into the Dark, and Prole, and online at After the Pause, Rust + Moth, and Up the Staircase Quarterly. She picked this picture because she looks a little bit like a fairy in it.

Becca Goodin
Editorial Assistant

Becca is a full time teacher of little ones, part time hoarder of made-up words. She adores Netflix, hard root beer, and high fantasy. If she’s not lurking here, then she’s probably poking around her idle blog,

Grant Tarbard
Editorial Assistant

Grant has worked as a journalist, an editor and a reviewer. He is the former editor of The Screech Owl and co-founder of Resurgant Press. His chapbook Yellow Wolf is out now, published by WK Press. In 2016, his first full collection, As I Was Pulled Under the Earth, was published by Lapwing, and a second collection, Loneliness is the Machine that Drives the World, was published by Platypus Press. He will have a new pamphlet out later in 2017 from Indigo Dreams Publishing.

His work can be seen in such magazines as The Rialto, London Grip, Illumen, Aphelion, The Seventh Quarry, Ofi Press, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Bone Orchard Poetry, Blaze, The Journal, Southlight, Sarasvati, The Open Mouse, Poetry Cornwall, Stare’s Nest, and The Black Light Engine Room.

Loma Jones
Poetry and Prose Reader

Loma is a poet based in Sheffield, who enjoys writing about the places that she has lived and the ocean in general. She has been previously published by Three Drops from a Cauldron and Pankhearst.

Holly Magill
Poetry Reader

Holly is from Worcestershire. Her poetry has appeared in various publications, including Poets’ Republic, Ink Sweat & Tears and The Morning Star. She prefers cats, snoods and strong tea to most things.

Claire Walker
Poetry Reader

Claire is a poet based in Worcestershire. Her work has been published in magazines and on websites including The Interpreter’s House, Prole, Domestic Cherry, Ink Sweat and Tears, And Other Poems, Clear Poetry and Amaryllis, and in anthologies such as The Chronicles of Eve (Paper Swans Press), Crystal Voices (Crystal Clear Creators) and Lughnasadh 2015 (Three Drops Press). Her first pamphlet, The Girl Who Grew Into a Crocodile, is published by V. Press. Her website is

Penny Sharman
Poetry Reader

Even though Penny is pushing the 70 mark, she’s young at heart.
She’s been around, given birth, been a single mum, been a rebel, a kind of hippy chick.
But Penny has constantly strived for knowledge; she pursued her education out of school hours. She has O levels and A levels, she is a qualified Complimentary Therapist with well over 20 years under her belt, she is also a counsellor and healer, and she is an awesome cook! Penny is keen on taking photos and is an artist, but her passion for over 15 years is poetry, poetry poetry: words, images, the lot. She has participated in many workshops and courses to expand her knowledge of this Art and is currently in her final year of a Masters degree for Creative writing at Edge Hill University. She has had poems published in The Interpreters House and Obsessed with Pipework, and anthologies such as Beautiful Dragons.


  1. I have questions about your call for submissions.

    1. Would you accept work from someone who is not a Pagan, but is an ally?
    2. Are the writers being paid? If so, how much?


    • Hi there. To answer your questions:

      1) We are not affiliated with any religion, so it doesn’t matter what religion you are at all. We are simply a press that publishes work around mythology, folklore and fairytales. Inevitably a bit of paganism /magic slips in.

      2) Writers in print publications are paid a percentage of profits via PayPal every six months, as long as each writer would earn £1 GBP or more. The amount varies, as it depends on how many writers are in the book, and how many copies are sold. Three Drops Press keeps 20%, the other 80% is split between contributors.

      Webzine contributors are not currently paid, as we don’t take in any money for the webzine, so can’t afford it.

      Hope this helps! – Kate


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