This page is under construction – updates and updated bios will return when we return!

Kate Garrett
Managing / Founding Editor

Jonathan Kinsman
Associate Editor

Becca Goodin
Editorial Assistant

Grant Tarbard
Editorial Assistant

Loma Jones

Holly Magill

Claire Walker

Penny Sharman


  1. I have questions about your call for submissions.

    1. Would you accept work from someone who is not a Pagan, but is an ally?
    2. Are the writers being paid? If so, how much?


    • Hi there. To answer your questions:

      1) We are not affiliated with any religion, so it doesn’t matter what religion you are at all. We are simply a press that publishes work around mythology, folklore and fairytales. Inevitably a bit of paganism /magic slips in.

      2) Writers in print publications are paid a percentage of profits via PayPal every six months, as long as each writer would earn £1 GBP or more. The amount varies, as it depends on how many writers are in the book, and how many copies are sold. Three Drops Press keeps 20%, the other 80% is split between contributors.

      Webzine contributors are not currently paid, as we don’t take in any money for the webzine, so can’t afford it.

      Hope this helps! – Kate


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