From an Exclusive Interview with Anne Jefferies by K.V. Skene

From an Exclusive Interview with Anne Jefferies

… a suppressed giggle and six little men dressed in green crept into my garden. The handsomest of all wore a red feather in his cap. I put out my hand and he jumped into my palm so I placed him in my lap and he climbed up to my breasts and kissed my neck. I was enchanted …

… and plunged into darkness and flew through the air then found myself in a strange land surrounded by lush fruit trees with fantastical songbirds lustily singing from their burdened branches. Fabulous flowers scented the air alongside winding pathways that led to a multitude of gold and silver and ivory palaces and everyone was magnificently dressed and so, when I looked, was I …

… and would have stayed forever but was coaxed away by my true love with the red feather. Others became jealous of our happiness together and I felt myself falling through darkness and back in my own garden, surrounded by worried friends …

… but the faeries gifted me with the power of clairvoyance and a healing touch. My story went viral on YouTube and was picked up by the tabloids. People came …

… again jealousy arose. I was persecuted by the authorities, arrested and committed …

… and they say I will soon be released – if I guarantee I will not speak to the media (or blog or tweet or communicate in any way whatsoever) about my travels to the faerie realm.


K.V. Skene’s poetry has appeared in Canadian, UK, US, Irish, Indian, Australian and Austrian magazines, most recently in The Maynard (Canada), Contemporary Literary Review India, The Saving Bannister (Canada), The Stony Thursday Book (Ireland) Obsessed With Pipework and Freefall (Canada). Her publications include Love in the (Irrational) Imperfect, 2006, Hidden Brook Press (Canada) and You Can Almost Hear Their Voices, 2010, Indigo Dreams Publications (UK). Currently, she lives and write from Toronto, Canada.

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