[CURRENTLY CLOSED] Web Journal Submissions – Poetry, Fiction, Art

We are currently closed to submissions until sometime in 2021, and the magazine itself is now on hiatus until then (Issue 28 was published at the very beginning of December 2019).

I (Kate) have an extremely full plate in my personal and family life, but we will be back in just over a year, and ready to go! Thank you for understanding.

Three Drops from a Cauldron is a quarterly web journal publishing poetry and flash fiction (and anything in between) involving myths, legends, folklore, fables, or fairytales. (We have shapeshifted several times since January 2015 – much like in the origin myth of our title – from a twice-weekly webzine, to a twice-monthly mag, to a monthly journal, to a quarterly. We’re sticking with this one, now!)

Maybe you’ve referenced a ghost story, a myth, a tradition, or what it means to you when a black cat crosses your path. Maybe it’s your personal connection to Sleeping Beauty, or a universal pattern you’ve observed involving Cinderella-type stories. Your piece can be a retelling, or it could just be using the original story / lore as a loosely connected metaphor – whatever it is, I’d like to consider it for our journal.

So if you think your work might be a fit, send:

  • 1-6 poems (no line limit)


  • 1-3 pieces of flash fiction or prose poetry (not exceeding 1,000 words each)


  • 1-5 pieces of visual art (see separate guidelines below)
  • Writing should preferably be in a Word document, especially if you have specific and/or unusual formatting, or in the body of the email to Kate at threedropspoetry@gmail.com. Please do not send PDFs. 
  • Put ‘Web Journal – Poetry/Fiction/Art – Your Name’ in the subject line – e.g. for a poetry submission ‘Web Journal – Poetry – John Barleycorn’
  • Include a third person bio (upper limit 75 words – if it’s overly long it will be edited down).
  • If your work is previously published, that’s fine. However – only send if you still own the rights, and please, please, please let me know where it was published first so I can credit them. This is very important. Also, slight preference will usually be given to previously unpublished work.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but you must let me know if a poem or story or piece of art is accepted elsewhere first, or withdraw it from other markets if I accept the work first. Anything else is unacceptable and stressful for all editors involved.

*A note on spelling and grammar: It’s understandable that small typos or punctuation errors will sometimes slip through, and I reserve the right to correct them. However, with poetry it is difficult to know when these are deliberate, because it can be such an experimental medium. Please do proofread your work for mistakes before submitting.

You should receive a response no later than 10-14 days after submitting, usually much faster.

*Copyright notice: By submitting to Three Drops from a Cauldron, you are granting me (Kate Garrett, editor) permission to publish your work on the web journal only, and share the link(s) to post(s) containing your poem(s) on social media to publicise your work and the journal. You retain all rights to your poem(s), and your work will never be reprinted by Three Drops without obtaining further permission from you. Your work could, however, be nominated for Best of the Net or the Pushcart Prize, as I do nominate for both of these.

By popular demand, we are also now taking submissions of original art / photographs. This might be chosen for our web journal covers, or included inside the issues.

The art must be your own; please do not try to submit someone else’s work as yours. I don’t mind if the image has appeared elsewhere as long as you own the rights, and if I need to credit a previous appearance/publication, please let me know.

As with writing published in the web journal, we cannot pay for art, as there isn’t any money generated by something that is free to read.

Please keep in mind our web journal is sized A5, and portrait orientation, so cover images are about 1748 x 2480 pixels.

Please also keep in mind an image that is too busy will not work well for our cover art. Have a look at our past issues to get a feel for the kind of thing I like, but also be creative on our themes of myth, folklore, fairytales, legends and so on.

Please email submissions as .jpg files to Kate at threedropspoetry@gmail.com.