TEMPORARILY CLOSED – Web Journal Submissions

**Please do not submit to the web journal right now, we are closed to submissions until 30th March 2018.**

Our last web journal issue before Kate’s maternity leave will be November 2017 (picking up again monthly in May 2018), and the Midwinter Special at the beginning of December 2017 will be the last print special until 2019. 

Any submissions sent before 30th March 2018 will not be read/considered until then.

Three Drops from a Cauldron is a monthly web journal publishing poetry and flash fiction (and anything slightly in between) involving myths, legends, folklore, fables or fairytales.

Maybe you’ve referenced a Japanese ghost story, a South American myth, or what it means to you when a black cat crosses your path. Maybe it’s your personal connection to Sleeping Beauty, or a universal pattern you’ve observed involving Cinderella stories. Your piece can be a retelling, or it could just be using the original story / lore as a loosely connected metaphor – whatever it is, I’d like to consider it for our journal.

So if you think your work might be a fit, send:

1-6 poems (no line limit)


1-3 pieces of flash fiction or prose poetry (not exceeding 1,000 words each)

preferably in a Word document, especially if you have specific and/or unusual formatting, to threedropspoetry@gmail.com. Please do not send PDFs.

Include a third person bio (upper limit 75 words).

If your work is previously published, that’s cool. However – only send if you still own the rights, and please, please, please let me know where it was published first so I can credit them. This is very important.

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let me know if the work is accepted elsewhere.

*A note on spelling and grammar: It’s understandable that small typos or punctuation errors will sometimes slip through, and I reserve the right to correct them. However, with poetry it is difficult to know when these are deliberate, because it can be such an experimental medium. Please do proofread your work for mistakes before submitting.

You should receive a response within three weeks of submitting.

*Copyright notice: By submitting to Three Drops from a Cauldron, you are granting me (Kate Garrett, editor) permission to publish your work on the web journal only, and share the link(s) to post(s) containing your poem(s) on social media to publicise your work and the journal. You retain all rights to your poem(s), and your work will never be reprinted by Three Drops, either in our print anthologies or on social media sites, without obtaining further permission from you.