Call for Submissions: A Face in the Mirror, a Hook on the Door (An Anthology of Urban Legends & Modern Folklore)

We are now accepting submissions of poetry and flash fiction based on urban (or rural, or suburban, or the internet…) legends and modern folklore from any culture and any continent until Monday 30th January 2017.

I’ve used North American folklore for the title of this anthology, as I grew up with 20th century American legends: Bloody Mary appearing in the mirror when you’ve said her name enough times, the escaped killer who leaves his hook hanging on the car door of a ‘courting couple’ – but we want to read your legends too. The lore your work is based around can be as well known or obscure as you like, urban, rural or suburban, and from any country in the world, but we’d give the 20th and 21st centuries as a rough guide to what ‘modern’ in origin means – nothing much older than 1900.

This also means fresh looks at internet lore are encouraged: Candle Cove, Slenderman, Smile Dog, any of those hoax stories people like to share on social media, but have been debunked on Snopes for years, and so on…

You don’t necessarily have to submit scary poems and stories, but my guest editor Charlotte Aspin and I bonded early on at university over a shared love of the horror genre, so writing on the eerie-to-terrifying scale is more than welcome!

Please submit:

  • 1-5 poems (no line limit, within reason)
  • 1-3 flash fictions (up to 500 words) or
  • a mix of the two not exceeding 5 pieces in total

in a Word document (if submitting multiple pieces, send them in a single Word document please) or the body of an email (please NO PDFs) to

Please mark your submission as ‘Modern Folklore Anthology’ in the subject line of your email.

Previously published work is okay, but let us know where it was published before so we may give credit if your work is selected.

Simultaneous submissions are okay too, but please inform us ASAP if accepted elsewhere.

Payment for contributors is a percentage of profits after six months of anthology sales (which depends on how many writers are included, and how many copies are sold).

Unfortunately we are unable to provide contributor copies, as we cannot afford to do this and royalties work out better for everyone (see our FAQ).

And the deadline, again, is 30 January 2017.

We look forward to reading your work!