The Boy in the Poem by Françoise Blanchard

The boy in the poem

No sooner had he opened the book that fairies flew out,
Fluttering left and right.
He turned the page carefully
So as not to crush their pale wings.

– Ouch! He cried.
Mom! The dragon on page 63 just bit me!
I turned around from the sink,
Hands soaking in soapy water,
And looked at the boy licking an imaginary wound.

– Dragons can’t bite, honey, because they don’t exist.
Only in books.
– Yes they do! And they bite! And they burn!
I shrugged and turned backed to my dishes.
He fetched a cup of water, “just in case”,
And kept reading.

The kitchen was silent for a while.
I was starting to enjoy the peace
When I heard him gasp.
– Mom! You and I are in a poem!
Does that mean we don’t exist?

Touché, I uttered.


A French woman living in Seoul, South Korea, Françoise Blanchard is currently working on a follow-up to her first two books, Say Chic and Foodie French ( Poetry, she recently discovered, is a wonderful tool with the power to create magic using just words. The few poems she has published online (in French) are available under Creative Common license ( Words and ideas are not meant to be locked away in books that are never opened.


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