Milk and Moonshadows by A.B. Cooper

Milk & Moonshadows

Standing naked,
Bathed in milky moonlight,
Murmur of night breeze
Kisses damp skin.
Gelatin silver contrast shadows reveal
Shifted landscapes:
New peaks jut proudly,
Others subsiding.
I cradle hot flesh,
Relieve the rock hard heaviness.

Sleeping shape senses my presence,
Smells me,
We cling stickily,
Bathed in sweat,
Nuzzling skin
Darkened by Sister Sun.

Familiar bittersweet prickle
Deep draw:
I overflow,
Rivers of silver cascading down peaks and gullies.

Tiny fingers spasm involuntarily,
Eyes rolling in milk-drunk stupor,
Breathing slows with
Soporific sighs…

I am nourishment.
I comfort.
I am peace.
I am Goddess.


A. B. Cooper has had a range of poetry published online and in postcard form with Paper Swans Press with whom she is co-editing an anthology entitled Schooldays. In addition, she is currently setting up a poetry mentoring service for young poets. She reviewed vampire film ‘Byzantium’ for the horror site ‘The Slaughtered Bird’ and is also working on her first novel – a ghost story for adults. She enjoys all things dark and delicious.

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