All the Better by Finola Scott

All the Better

Oh I’m not scared
these woods don’t bother me.

Briar and bramble, resin and rose,
furry floor velvet.

Deep and dark, teacher whispers,
Stay on the path.

Well I didn’t and I’m safe
here with Granny. She’s

asleep – must have a cold,
snoring so loud,

rough rumbles shake the roof.
Until she wakes I’ll wait

cooried in my woollen cloak.
It’s red, not rosy like Mummy’s cheeks.

No, it’s dark like the sweet blood
when I scratch deep on my skin.

Deep and dark the village mutters
while lonely trees croon to me,

Step through, play in here,
stay in here.

Wolves, folk say.
Silly nonsense.

I wish they’d stop
telling me stories.

Finola Scott is a slam-winning Granny who writes short stories and poems. She has won competetions at national level. Her work is widely available in many anthologies, magazines and zines. Recently she has moved into recording podcasts. She can be found performing in a pub near you! Hobbies included chocolate and tickling grandchildren.

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