The Tylwyth Teg by Susan Taylor

The Tylwyth Teg

You stand by the rocky wall,
composed as you look
over tree tops to the inlet,
one of a fair haired people
who is able to read change
in the air reflecting water.

You leave more
than a little of self behind.
The swing boats of sea whisper
Remember in an older tongue
than your dark haired mother speaks.

She holds back for a moment
that floods through her time.
Over there
on your invisible island, she senses
the significance of your calm.

When she finds The Tylwyth Teg
in an old book,
she writes this down.
It is in her words
but she hopes you will understand.

Note – Giraldus Cambrensis wrote of the Tylwyth Teg in the 12th century;
These men were of the smallest stature but very well proportioned in their make. They were all of fair complexion, with luxuriant hair falling over their shoulders like that of women.

Susan Taylor has a penchant for scattering sparkles from  other worlds over her audience. She was described at last month’s Poetry island at The Blue Walnut in Torquay as the Fairy Godmother of the South West poetry scene! She recently headlined with her partner, Simon Williams and ace folk singer, Si Barron at Teignmouth Poetry Festival in March.

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