Jawbones Strong and Poisonous by Wild Soft

Jawbones Strong and Poisonous

Draw me back into myself.
Please, give me
a page half lit by mother sun.
I will use it to find who I am—
lift this fog and I will find my way to the labyrinth’s center.

The complex core of me
woven intricate
wool carpet gives in bedrooms
where only women sleep.

Ghost awaits the return of coyote-cry,
presses fingertips to leaded glass
and fogs it with her haunting.
Her love letters
shaped of what remains—stacked stones.
Hard frost.

*First published in Still: The Journal

Wild Soft makes her home on the banks of the Ohio River. Her work appears in such places as Stone TellingRoom, Wild Quarterly, and Still; her first chapbook, in these cups, is forthcoming (dancing girl press). She is the collaboration of poets Nicci Mechler, Hilda Weaver, Wendy Creekmore, & Kristin Koester. Blog: wildandsoft.wordpress.com.


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