Out Now (finally!) – Midwinter Special 2015 (Part Two)

After a short delay, I’m happy to present Part Two of the Midwinter Special 2015!

Featuring poetry and flash fiction by: Jackie Biggs, Linda Goulden, Bethany Rivers, Cindy Rinne, Dennis Trujillo, Mary Franklin, Chris Hemingway, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, J.S. Watts, Marilyn Finlay, Irene Buckler, Rebecca Gethin, Allen Ashley, Matthew Harrison, Paul Tristram, C.I. Selkirk, A.C. Grant, Monica Shah, Lynne Viti, Nick Romeo, David Callin, Fanni Sütő, K.M. Ross, A.B. Cooper, Andrew Blair, Marija Smits, Louis Cennamo, and Gareth Writer-Davies.

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