She Set The Sky Ablaze by Nico Solheim-Davidson

She Set the Sky Ablaze 4

She Set The Sky Ablaze is a collection of poems exploring the different stories of the women who make up European mythology. From the tale of Medusa, to stories of the Lithuanian death goddesses, and the fierce Morrigan – strong female figures are revered and honoured in these poems.



Night blankets the world
As the moon rises
The Lycanthropic Queen
Leads her graceful pack
through the forests they guard
The Hunter’s scent, she tracks
And a Hare, she sends
For him, an omen
Should he linger



Crowned with embers
And cloaked in flaming scarlet
In the hearth, she dances
Until the night falls
And then, ‘neath the ashes
She slumbers ‘til the dawning


Nico Solheim-Davidson is a poet and mythology enthusiast residing upon the Yorkshire coast. Nico has had a keen interest in mythology, particularly Norse mythology, since a young age. When he’s not writing, Nico can be found sleeping, reading, or drinking copious amounts of Yorkshire Tea until some ungodly hour. Nico is also a lover of chip spice, cats, and symphonic metal.


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