The Unicornskin Drum by Stella Bahin

They say tomorrow never comes, but whatever they may say, once upon a time always does.











The Unicornskin Drum is an original folktale, spinning the stories of Saken the Knitter and Yendle the Singer, connected by a very special drum.


“A journey of grief, love, and longing, Bahin delivers a unique fairytale with such pitch perfect tone, it feels like discovering a lost classic. Beautifully done.” – Angela Readman

“Stella Bahin is a fine poet, and this book will be enjoyed by those who savour poetic prose. At one level, it is a fairytale, with unicorns, castles, and princesses, but at another level the story is a meditation on the pain of unrequited love. Throughout, the delicate imagery is balanced against a Game of Thrones-style darkness. It is the work of a writer who believes in her created world.” – Dave Swann


The Unicornskin Drum can be purchased on Lulu, Amazon UK, and Amazon US.


For over two decades Stella Bahin’s lived in Portsmouth raising children, writing poetry and stories, performing poetry, and facilitating poetry and creative writing workshops, shows, and events. Stella’s the compere of regular spoken word nights at SeaFiSh, Bognor Regis, and Aurora, Southsea, and recently participated in DArk or DArker Shivering or Not!, Portsmouth Darkfest.