Constellations by Susan Castillo Street

Constellations is a sequence of twelve poems centred around the myths of the western zodiac. From Aries to Pisces, Susan Castillo Street gives us tales of deities and heroes (warts and all) in a stunning contemporary voice.









Praise for Constellations: “Like all the best ideas you wonder why no-one has thought of this before. Here is a sequence structured around the signs of the zodiac; intelligent, witty, quietly knowledgeable, by turns tender and sexy, Susan Castillo Street’s poems are a delight. She breathes life into ancient myths and her gods are so alive with their 21st century language, you half expect them to leap from the page.” – Carole Bromley

Susan Castillo Street is a Louisiana expatriate and academic who lives in the Sussex countryside. She is Harriet Beecher Stowe Professor Emeritus, King’s College, University of London, and has published two collections of poems: The Candlewoman’s Trade (Diehard Press, 2003) and Abiding Chemistry (Aldrich Press, 2015). Her poems have appeared in The Missing Slate, The Stare’s Nest, Ink Sweat & Tears, Snakeskin, Literature Today, and other reviews.


Constellations is available from the Lulu website, or directly from the publisher for £5.75 (including UK p&p) by emailing

A taste of Constellations


Fecund yet innocent,
you smile, serene mother-goddess.
But behind your smile there lies the fear:

Persephone will taste the pomegranates,
savour their ruby pips,
be lured away by hellish boyfriend

with dreadlocks and tattooed knuckles.
So you descend to Hades,
drag your daughter back to earth.

In the night sky, winged, intact,
you hold a furrowed blade of wheat
made from your daughter’s golden hair.

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