Artemis, The People’s Priestess by Cora Greenhill














You see, they just made things up
to create male supremacy –
‘s how they invented so-called history.
Wait ‘n’ I’ll put the records straight.

The Greek Goddess Artemis – whom the Romans called Diana – is mythology’s arch-outsider: lesbian feminist, environmental activist, radical midwife, shaman huntress, man-slayer when necessary, and like her tragic namesake, called The People’s Priestess. Her twin brother Apollo, despite his extravagant juvenile delinquency, was elevated to god of civilisation, harmony, proportion, and music.


“Greenhill applies the mind of a scholar, the ear of a poet, and the eye of a painter to create a fascinating allegory that explores the conflict between patriarchy and matriarchy as expressed in the sibling rivalry between twins Artemis and Apollo. An amazing achievement.” – Debbie Taylor, Editor of Mslexia Magazine

“Cora Greenhill’s verse drama begins on the day of the cataclysmic volcanic eruption which irreparably changes the ancient island of Crete and its inhabitants…a sensuous and heady brew of jealousies, same-sex passions, hints of incest, and rites of passage. Modern day reference and vernacular with a liberal scattering of humour ensure it is both accessible and captivating from start to finish.” – Geraldine Monk, Poet

“Cora Greenhill’s Artemis: The People’s Priestess pulses with light, heat and movement. The collection tells the ‘back story’ of Artemis: her power, sensuality and sexuality. The poems chart Artemis’ growth through a series of dramatic poems, each spoken by a different character. At the heart of the collection is the relationship between Artemis and her childhood lover and soulmate, Kallisto. The collection celebrates female sexuality and sensuality, and this wild energy drives the narrative, propelling the reader through the collection. Each poem is part of the wider dramatic narrative, but also stands alone on its own merit: carefully crafted and making deft use of rhyming couplets and dramatic dialogue. Like Tony Harrison’s translations of Greek Comedy, Artemis: the People’s Priestess restores the physicality and vibrancy of the original Greek myths, incorporating dance, rhythm and humour. At the same time, Greenhill creates an Artemis who is warm and human – a goddess who speaks powerfully to the contemporary reader. This is a wonderful collection, and left me with the fire of Artemis in my belly.” – Rachel Bower, Poet & founder of Verse Matters


Artemis, The People’s Priestess is currently available from Lulu, or directly from the press by contacting Kate at


Cora Greenhill has been making pilgrimages to Crete since 1984, when she started her exploration of the pre-patriarchal ‘Minoan’ world. She found this gave her feminism an embodied depth that she expressed through dance and poetry. She has since taken many dance groups to creatively respond to the power of the Cretan caves and ancient sites where ‘the veil between the worlds is thin’. She taught Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythm dancework for over 20 years, after a career teaching literature and counselling.
She and her husband now have a home in Crete. In England they have lived in The Peak District near Sheffield for 30 years. She teaches poetry and writing and hosts Writers in The Bath in Sheffield. She wants a gap year travelling to World Music Festivals.