Follow the Stag and Learn to Fly by Anna Percy

When our pens fail take me with you to the canal,
I will show you where I hid the tails a fin secret

In these poems, Anna Percy leads the reader through urban landscapes, states of mind, countryside and myth to uncover a truth or two. If you get lost in their magic, just follow the stag until you find your way out again…


“An urgent and sensual collection that leaves the reader breathless and inspired. There is a feeling of being of the edge of some kind of precipice in many of these poems – a precipice not always directly referred to, but always there. The poems are alive with the natural world (especially the sea), yet they also manage to simultaneously evoke a sense of urban threat. Percy puts words together in glorious and adventurous ways, often eschewing punctuation and causing sentences to run together in ways that create new meanings. Above all these are empowering poems, poems that celebrate what it is to be a woman, poems imbued with an optimism that we can survive whatever life throws at us – but with a sprinkling of magic, that vital something other that lifts each poem into another more exciting realm.” – Julia Webb


Follow the Stag and Learn to Fly is currently available on the Lulu website, or request to buy directly from the publisher by emailing (£6.75 including UK postage). Coming soon to Amazon.


Anna Percy has been writing for performance and publication for twelve years. She is undertaking a Creative-Critical PhD at MMU focusing on environmental poetry and mental health. This year her co-authored poetry collection Lustful Feminist Killjoys was published, her single author collection Livid Among the Ghostings came out in 2013, both published by Flapjack Press. She is a member of Stirred Poetry Collective who run live events, workshops (and are now publishing zines) with a feminist focus for six years.