Back to Yesterday by Zöe Broome

Back to Yesterday is a tale-in-poetry of two girls and a doomed love affair, but so much more: fairies in the garden, ancient myths brought to life, the power of the sea.










Praise for Back to Yesterday:

“Zöe Broome’s debut collection is delightful. Queen of the well-chosen metaphor, she tells the story of a love affair through fairytale and myth. This is very effective and the book has a cohesion rare in first collections. I was moved by its honesty and the loveliness of its images.” – Carole Bromley

“Back to Yesterday creates an enchanting world where you can wake “amongst cake crumbs” only to be “swallowed by your dream”. Zöe Broome expertly blends light and dark, warmth and ice, love and war in this unfolding of sensuality and human behavior. Whimsical at first glance, Back to Yesterday‘s verse is steeped in the heart of relationships and lived experience.” – April Michelle Bratten, Editor-in-Chief of Up the Staircase Quarterly


“Delicate, tender, pure. These poems capture love like firelight in the corner of an eye. Simply beautiful.” – Angela Readman


The Tale of the Twig Girl

We found the Twig Girl
by bushes
where fairies lived.

At night,
we dreamt she turned human
and danced on grass.

Later, we found her dead,

deprived of our dreams:
a stick-insect.

Back to Yesterday will be available to purchase soon! (Beginning of June 2016)

Zöe Broome is a full-time poet from Scarborough, UK. Her work has appeared in magazines including Aoife’s Kiss, The Journal, Carillon, Churches Children and Daddies and Struggle. Back to Yesterday is her first collection.