Poetry and Prose Pamphlets

Current and upcoming books from Three Drops Press.


Constellations by Susan Castillo Street
Under-hedge Dapple by Janet Philo
Back to Yesterday by Zoe Broome
Follow the Stag and Learn to Fly by Anna Percy
A Sprig of Rowan by Rebecca Gethin
Among the White Roots by Bethany W Pope
Artemis, The People’s Priestess by Cora Greenhill
The Princess of Vix by Helen May Williams
There is an island by Johnny Giles
She who pays the piper by Sue Kindon
Grimm Rules by Angela Topping
Man in the Jar by Grant Tarbard


The Unicornskin Drum by Stella Bahin
The Darkling Child and Other Stories by Catherine Blackfeather
Lykke and the Nightbird by A.B. Cooper
One Turn of the Wheel by Sammi Cox