Adding wax patterns to Wednesday by Sarah L Dixon

Wax Patterns front cover edit

Adding wax patterns to Wednesday is an archive of poems written during Sarah L Dixon’s Quiet Compere Poem-a-Thons in 2015/16. Between Sarah‘s distinct style, and others’ imaginative prompts, an odd world of magical, surreal poems was born.


Careful with your pixies

It is a mistake
to lionise a pixie,
they already have
self-important airs.

They are thieves of life
and would steal roars
from the zoo,
pocket the stars
and shift galaxies
and tide tables
on a whim.

There is disquiet
when one pixie
mentions the sun
would sit well
on the mantelpiece.


A strange offering

He offered me a Tundra in a tea-pot,
a casserole whipped up
from chunks of blizzard
and hail gravy.

I rolled the dice
and was proclaimed heroine
if I could consume the dish
without succumbing to the tingle
of weather within.


‘Here dance the figures of anger, frustration, resentment and desire, following the skewed steps of Surrealist spells and charms for coping. Dixon’s pithy and often unsettling poems are populated by creatures and people on the threshold of metamorphoses, having been pushed to the limits of themselves and in doing so reach for revelations that lie beneath the rational order of things.’Bob Beagrie

‘A cabinet of curiosities, Dixon casts her spell in spilled wax and wash days, roses pegged to washing lines and days that start without knickers. These poems search for alchemy within the domestic, they dig through the ash to find stars.’Angela Readman

‘Sarah L Dixon’s second book is one of dizzying, dream like fantasy, edged with vulnerability. These strange, often humorous, often moving poems swim like goldfish in a pond, rising to the surface to greet the reader in flashes of light and love. This is a collection of sharp surprises and tongue in cheek observations of life and love, where one is never quite sure what is real and what is not. A perfectly lovely collection of Monty pythonesque poems.’Wendy Pratt

‘Electric rain sparks off Wedgwood carpets as the everyday is made strange and startling. These poems nestle together in a mosaic of dedication as tributes to transformation, and the testing (and shattering) of boundaries.’Steve Nash


Sarah L Dixon is based in Linthwaite and tours as The Quiet Compere. She has been most recently published in Confluence and Marble. She also has poems in a number of anthologies including Watch the Birdie (Beautiful Dragons, 2018) Troubadour (Picaroon, 2017) and Please hear what I am not saying and Persona Non Grata (Fly on the wall press 2018) and Safe Spaces Positive Images Peace Festival pamphlet (2018), Play anthology (2018), NHS 70th anthology (2018). Her first book, ‘The sky is cracked’, was released by Half Moon Press in November 2017.

Sarah’s inspiration comes from many places, including pubs and music, being by and in water and adventures with her eight-year-old, Frank. She is still attempting to write better poetry than Frank did aged 4! Frank and Sarah are presently collaborating on a updated fairy tale about a troll. Frank is illustrating Sarah’s poems and Sarah is responding to Frank’s drawings with poetry. and they are using their mile walk to school for brainstorming sessions. If you overheard these conversations you would be surprised, amused and possibly terrified.

Frank’s line, aged 4, was “Is your heart in a cage so it doesn’t fly away?”


Adding wax patterns to Wednesday is currently available from Lulu, and will later be available from Sarah, directly from Kate at Three Drops, and Amazon.