Blue by Finola Scott


Over his threshold slips the bride
thrilled and trembling once inside.
In silver moonlight, she’s barefoot,
innocence and trust her very root.

Unsullied flesh lured to his home,
a fresh creature for him to own.
Doors and windows slyly locked
marriage vows easily mocked.

What once was open now is shut,
veiled secrecy the deepest cut.
Tapestries and treasure cloud her eyes,
the future embroidered by his lies.

Smiling he offers any key… but one
and hides what he has become.
To have and to hold,
bright blood runs cold.

Til death do us part
is only the start.


Finola Scott is a slam-winning Granny who writes short stories and poems. She has won competetions at national level. Her work is widely available in many anthologies, magazines and zines. Recently she has moved into recording podcasts. She can be found performing in a pub near you! Hobbies included chocolate and tickling grandchildren.


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