The Piper Took the People by Jane Burn

The Piper Took the People

Old man, he calls them to the path of light.
Hurdy-gurdy music counts them in, tine
by metal tine; the grinding clockwork calls
to a vanished throng. Shoulders hunched beneath
a blanket skin – exposed to scribbled air.
Here in the shadow, he mutters the tune
to unlit doors. Be wary of the sun –
the Piper took the people, the houses
lean to listen for their laughter; hear the
vanished echo of the voices. Gone
to the end of never, gone to the end
of the road; gnarling on the handle, who
will listen – will fill these windows with faces?
Call for cheer in the taverns, bring boot-steps back
to cobbles? Who will open up and sing?

Jane Burn is a North East based writer and artist. Her poems have been published in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies. Her first pamphlet, Fat Around The Middle was published in 2915 by Talking Pen. She also established the online magazine The Fat Damsel in this year.

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