Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue 17 (July 2017)

We are in the dog days of summer (in the UK, at least) so if you’re feeling suitably chilled out and lazy – whatever the season where you are – we’re here with a new issue of Three Drops from a Cauldron. If you fancy poems and flash fiction to fill up your long summer days, this month’s selection includes a befuddlement of fairy tales, a folktale for modern America, Blodeuwedd, fairy doors, the magic of crystal balls and hag stones, and more.

Featuring work by Glen Armstrong, Lynda Turbet, Nico Solheim-Davidson, Mel Parks, Jenne Kaivo, Sally Long, Sarah Deeming, David W. Landrum, Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler, Lesley Burt, Finola Scott, and David Henson. Cover art by Catherine Edmunds.

Happy reading!

(If anyone has a visual impairment and cannot adjust the settings / download on Issuu [downloading has been enabled, but I think it requires you to sign up / sign in], please email Kate at, and I will be happy to send you a PDF.)


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