The kelpie whisperer by Kiley Creekmore

The kelpie whisperer

Down by the sea
lived a lost pony…

And she was lonely.
Mane tinged with sea froth and weed.
She whispered to me
songs of land;
songs of stones and sticks.
Bad people. Bad things.
The hurt. The hunger.
I listened
and learned how to hold my breath.
Counted to one thousand.
“I want to take you to my home…
my heart is at the bottom of the sea.”
She told me.
I could never resist a mare
with the melancholic.
With my face in mane we plunged.
Galloped to the seabed.
Our hearts became one.

Deep in the sea
lived a pony and her boy Tyree…



Kiley Creekmore writes poems, as long as they don’t first get lost in the network of wormholes in the cosmos of her brain.

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