Frozen in time by Michele Brenton

Frozen in time

I peek between the curtains

my nose hit by the cold
watching the hailstones
driving against the glass.

The wind seems to be quieter
if I stare at it hard.
I’m not like Elsa
the cold bothers me
and I’d like to build a snowman

Icy lumps gather on the window frame.
I close the curtains again
tuck them behind the radiator,
wrap myself in a blanket,
debate whether to
turn the thermostat higher
or pull my hood up high
to conserve my body heat.

Today I feel old,
C-old, older than I’ve felt for ages
past the stages of youthfulness.

I think of Allison Gross
and wonder why she didn’t
just magic her chosen one
to see her as lovely,
maybe she wanted him to
love her truly and without
recourse to glamour
and then I wonder how cosmetic
companies would survive
if modern women took her
lead and mine.

I never bothered with glamour either
although my husband doesn’t see
the lines around my eyes,
the grey in my hair,
the drying of my skin;
what he calls visual impairment
I call the eyes of love.



Michele Brenton was born exactly 47 years after Dylan Thomas within a few hundred feet of the exact spot he was born. As @banana_the_poet she was voted the most popular human poet by the Twitter community in the Shorty Awards 2011. She writes poetry and is delighted, surprised and honoured each time her work is included in a publication. It happened first in 2001.

Michele Brenton’s Amazon Author Page

Michèle Brenton’s Poetry Page on Facebook


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