news: the lughnasadh 2015 anthology is here!

Released yesterday, 27 July 2015, I am very pleased to welcome the three drops from a cauldron lughnasadh 2015 paperback anthology into the world.

It can be purchased via Lulu here.

Thank you a hundred times to the 36 poets for agreeing to join me on the first print adventure, to Robert de Born for writing the beautiful introduction on poetry and myth, and to all the readers, submitters and supporters of this webzine.



    • Oh no that’s awful. There should have been three shipping options (there usually are for me, anyway) and one is about £2.99. Which is still ridiculous but better than the alternative. They are pretty terrible for shipping charges. It’s why I’m currently looking into other options, like a local printer and so on.


  1. Congratulations Kate on your first Three Drops anthology….and to all the contributing poets too! I know how much hard work and time goes into the creation of these books. Here’s to the next! Nicky


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