Reaper by Nikki Robson


Starlit in the garden
she holds the Hand of Christ,
debates disintegration
of liver, kidneys, spleen;
behind locked gates
are planted dreams.

Opiate delusions
dilate and fascinate –
she blossoms at her fingertips
slips her hand in Ladies’ Glove,
numbs the edge with Hemlock
rising feet-first, part by part.

This belladonna
who’ll unbeat your heart
threads Rosary Pea and glory be
as penance for her reaping,
bitterbows to monkshood
on the gravel path to hell,

quicksteps to the Angels’
Trumpets, tells the truth
as it should be, sups the soul
of the Host in a mistletoe kiss –
seed-dreams winter
to an oak-strong spring.


Nikki Robson is from Northern Ireland and now lives in Scotland. She holds an MLitt in Writing Practice and Study from the University of Dundee. Her poems have appeared in journals and anthologies including Ink, Sweat and Tears, Under the Radar, The Dawntreader, Split Screen and Double Bill.


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